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2018 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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I have a weird relationship with Mother’s Day. After losing my mom, I made it a point to disconnect emotionally from the holiday. It worked until I became a mom myself. I still approach the day with some sadness in my heart, but for the most part, it’s a happy day again. Being a mom is the greatest thing I’ve ever been.

My husband always does a great job of making the day special for me, and he’s an excellent gift giver 99% of the time. He’s very thoughtful and pays a lot of attention to what I’ve mentioned or could use.

One of my favorite ways to come up with gift ideas is asking myself how I can elevate the recipient’s everyday life. I think about what she loves to do or spends a lot of time doing, and then try to figure what I can give that will make those experiences better.

For example, my mother-in-law watches the kids three days a week at our house, and takes her showers when she’s here. She usually grabs some old towel (probably leftover from my college days which I’m sure I should’ve thrown out years ago) out of the linen closet because she doesn’t want to use our nicer towels. This year for Mother’s Day, we got her a big fluffy bath sheet from Lands End in a color she loves and had Grandma embroidered in it. It cost about $40 after customizing and shipping, and it’s something she will use over and over again. I hope she will also see it as an expression of our gratitude for her commitment to our kids. She comes to our house in the mornings so we don’t have to hustle them out the door before work and they spend most of their time here so our son can nap in his own crib and our daughter has all her toys nearby. The least we can do is make her feel as comfortable and welcomed here as possible.

Without further ado, here are a few ideas if you’re feeling stumped.

For the mom who has to be on her laptop, either working or reserving a ClickList time (like me)…

A few years ago, my husband and daughter gifted me with a Kuzy Rainbow Keyboard Cover for my Macbook.

Image via Amazon

This brightened my day – every day – when I was using it. I have a different computer now, but might invest in another cover for it. They’re under $10, which seems like a small price to pay for something I spend so much time looking at! Other colors are available, too.

For the mom who still has to schlep the little ones into the classroom every day (also like me)…

I manage to get caught in the rain every. single. time. I have to walk my daughter into her school building. Most days she’s fine with being dropped off at the preschool door, but if it’s pouring, she insists on being escorted from the car, across the driveway, through the parking lot, down the steps and into the school, all while I’m carrying her not-so-small brother. Anyway! A cute umbrella, like this one from Kate Spade would make all the difference on those days.

Image via Amazon

For the mom who likes jewelry and has kids old enough that they don’t grab at it constantly (still like me)…

I love birthstone jewelry! My husband gave me a ring with the kids’ birthstones in it and I wear it every day. He had it designed by a local jeweler, but that takes a bit of time. A faster option is JLynn Jewelry. Their birthstone circle necklaces are so pretty. They look delicate but not flimsy. The first few months are pictured below and you can find the rest on her site.

Image via JLynn Jewelry

For the mom who loves Instagram (ok you get it, these are all me)…

Letterboards are a thing – did you know that? You probably knew that. I don’t have one yet, but it’s only because there are so many options now. You can get different sizes and shapes and colors and I kind of like them all. These are super popular on Instagram because they add character and charm to photos.

I really like the Letterfolk boards. They are high quality and made in the U.S. Recognizing that they’re not the most budget-friendly options though, I found a few on Amazon as well. How cute would it be to gift this to your mom with a sweet message already on it?


For the mom who talks about how her shoulder hurts from lugging around a huge purse full of her stuff + 4 sippy cups, 9 plastic cars and 23 crayons…

Might I suggest a backpack? I’m not talking about the LLBean backpack you had in high school, although if you still have it and it’s functional, go for it. I do not have mine anymore, and it was also a bit bulky so I have my eye on this sleek version from Everlane in grey and navy. I also like the idea of a cognac leather version, but I haven’t found the perfect one yet.

Image via Everlane

And a few quick hits…

If she appreciates a clean house: a Roomba (I can personally vouch for this thing. It is awesome and highly entertaining.)

If she loves interior design and has classic taste: Elements of Style by Erin Gates

If she loves interior design and appreciates a great sense of humor: Get It Together! by Orlando Soria, the funniest person on Instagram (@mrorlandosoria)

If she likes to stay in her comfies until noon on the weekends: these pajamas

If she takes her gym time (or hydration) seriously: a S’well bottle


If you want to touch her heart: put a photo of her kids in a pretty frame, make sure they shower her with hugs and kisses, and then let that wonderful woman take a nap.

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