Thursday Things

Thursday Things Vol. 3

The last couple of weeks have been bonkers. I’ve had a bunch of random family stuff going on and we were out of town for my friend’s wedding. (Here’s the details on her bridal shower and I’ll share more on the wedding soon!) Some of these things were pulled for last week’s post, but life happened and it never went live… so consider this two Thursdays worth of things.

Read of the Week

Monday, Sept. 10 was National Suicide Prevention Day. Unfortunately, this day now hits a little closer to home than it once did. One of my childhood best friends took his life last year. I hadn’t been in touch with him for many years, but when I think back on my childhood, his is a constant presence in those memories. He was truly like a brother to me and learning of his death felt like a stab to my heart.

If you’re concerned that someone in your life is struggling with suicidal thoughts, I highly suggest reading this article from Well + Good.

Song of the Week

“Stay the Night” by Jukebox The Ghost

Workout of the Week

The Fitnessista has created many of my favorite workouts, including this 30-20-10 workout. It might look simple, but those 30 reps will wear. you. out… and then you still have two rounds to go! I prefer bodyweight workouts that I can do on the go. Sometimes I’ll take the kids up to my son’s room and while they’re playing, I grab a corner of the room and squeeze in something like this.

Quote of the Week

“Optimism is true moral courage.” – Ernest Shackleton

Instagram of the Week

My friend Kalyn has such a well defined aesthetic and I love spying on her Instagram! You can find her at @sincerelysweetpea. Her photo quality is phenomenal too.

Have a great Thursday!

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