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Thursday Things

Thursday Things Vol. 6

It’s been a minute since I’ve published a Thursday Things, but I’m ok with it because I’ve managed to write a few other posts in the meantime. While I love reading a good link round-up, I sometimes think they can become overwrought and overdone. However, I really like putting them together because it keeps me in the practice of writing. On the weeks when my creativity is sapped (usually due to work or having to make up one too many stories for my story-hungry 4-year-old), Thursday Things is a helpful tool to get my fingers moving over the keyboard again.

Event of the Week

This weekend is the Girl Boss Events Holiday Pop-Up! I’m so excited to be covering the event for a second time. (You can read about the Summer Pop-Up here.) I’ll be there with my friend, Sincerely Sweetpea, and my future friend who I’ll meet there, Two Purple Couches. We’ll be interviewing vendors, taking photos and posting about the event on Instagram. You can catch me at @girlbossevents from 11:00-12:45 Saturday, and then back at @millennialpinkpennies from 12:45 until about 3 or 4.

If you’re in Cincinnati, Dayton or nearby, come visit Saturday, November 10 from 11-4 at Sabin Hall + Unity Chapel in Liberty Center. More than 30 vendors will be there along with a coffee + hot chocolate bar, a doughnut bar, photo booth and kids area. There will also be a blogger lounge—if I’m not out with the vendors, that’s where you’ll find me!

One of my Thursday Things picks this week, the Girl Boss Events Holiday Pop-Up is Saturday, November 10.

Meal of the Week

I’m not sure it’s fair to qualify this as my meal of the week because I actually ate it on October 27, but when something is this good, it sticks with you. That night we went out to dinner with our dear friends and tried PostMark in Cincinnati’s Clifton Gaslight neighborhood.

I have no words to adequately capture this meal. Everything about it was superior. I ate sweet potato beignets, a butternut squash soup with apple fennel compote and pepitas, and the most beautifully cooked salmon. The menu there changes seasonally and they focus on fresh ingredients. The wine list was extensive (just like I like it!), the ambience was so cool, and our server was knowledgable and charming. I can’t wait to go back.

Song of the Week

Have you heard Dreamer by Martin Garrix and Mike Yung? This song is beautiful and so uplifting. You can learn more about the story behind it here.

Podcast of the Week

Even if you’re not 35, odds are you’ll find something to appreciate about Forever 35. It might be the frequent discussions of self-care, often revolving around serums and cozy mysteries. It might be the killer guests they manage to book, from Rebecca Traister to Keiko Agena. Or if you’re like me, it’s the charming banter between hosts Kate Spencer and Doree Shafrir. I cried when Kate’s talked about losing her mother (hits close to home) and I literally fist pumped in my car when Doree announced her pregnancy. I want to be friends with them in real life and so look forward to their new full-length and mini-ep podcasts each week.

One of my favorite Thursday Things this week, the Forever35 podcast is the ultimate self-care listen.

Grateful Thought of the Week

This morning I learned that a friend’s uncle passed away suddenly last night after suffering a heart attack. I knew him and though I didn’t see him often, I always enjoyed the time I spent with him. It was yet another reminder that we are not guaranteed any amount of time here and that telling the people you love how you feel is critical. Today I’m reflecting on the people I love—those here with me and in heaven—and feeling thankful for the moments I’ve been blessed to spend with them. If given the chance to share a hug or kind word today, take advantage of it.

All the best to you and yours.

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  • Kalyn Abrams

    Can’t wait to see you on Saturday sweet friend! Thanks for the restaurant recommendation, Stewart and I will have to try that!

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